How to improve quality of life after Menopause?

How to improve quality of life after Menopause?

Life is an ever-evolving journey, filled with seasons of change and transformation. Menopause, often called the “second spring of womanhood,” marks a significant milestone in this lifelong journey. It’s a natural phase that can bring about a myriad of experiences, both good and bad.

As women, we’ve weathered the ups and downs of adolescence, the demands of a career, the joys and challenges of motherhood, and now, the transitional phase of menopause. But let’s not view it as the end of an era; rather, it’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

Menopause signals the cessation of our reproductive years, but it also paves the way for a life filled with renewed vigour, self-discovery, and empowerment. It’s a time to reinvent ourselves, to relish the wisdom that comes with age, and to embrace our bodies with a newfound appreciation.

The fact of the matter is it is possible to stay youthful and active during and after the period of menopause. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the strategies that help in enhancing the quality of a woman’s life after menopause.


  1. The significance of exercise post-menopause.

During menopause, women’s bodies slow down the production of oestrogen levels, which is why post-menopause, most women gain weight. Regular exercise or aerobic activities such as jogging, running, swimming, etc., assist in controlling weight, prevent issues like high blood pressure and improves the mood.

It is worth noting that women with no such active life routine may end up with diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, weak muscles, osteoporosis, and even depression.

Regular exercise (moderate weight training, in some cases) can help in raising good cholesterol and assist in preserving bone mass while preventing fractures. Dr Kavita mentions that exercise generally helps in improving mood. Therefore regular exercise is recommended for post-menopausal women since it releases endorphins in the brain, which also combats stress.

  1. Right nutrition is required post-menopause.

In addition to hormones and other bodily changes, the nutritional needs also change in postmenstrual women. With age, it is recommended that before menopause, the intake of calcium should be 1000 mg, and after menopause, it should be 1,200 mg of calcium per day. Now, with calcium absorption and bone formation, vitamin D is equally important to lessen the risk of spinal fractures. However, excess of vitamin D or calcium can cause constipation, kidney stones, abdominal pain, etc.

  1. Intake of products containing phytoestrogens and isoflavones post-menopause.

Studies and research have stated that isoflavones and phytoestrogens are effective treatments when it comes to relieving menopausal symptoms. Experts from the medical field also recommend the use of phytoestrogens and isoflavones since the efficacy of these supplements is excellent for women who are unwilling to take hormone replacement therapy.

Oestrogen regulates the woman’s body, from her menstrual cycle to the development of her breasts. With menopause, oestrogen in the body also decreases. Hence, the intake of  certain food groups that contain phytoestrogens is crucial. Consider including fruits, vegetables (leafy ones as well), grains, and legumes in the diet. Menopause comes with unpleasant signs and symptoms, which calls for the inclusion of hormone replacement therapy for some women with phytoestrogens that offer a natural alternative to synthetic oestrogen.

  1. Decreased sexual drive post-menopause.

Disinterest towards sexual intercourse is one of the impacts of post-menopause. The typical symptoms of menopause may be lower oestrogen levels, and dry vagina among others that impact women’s interest in sex.  However, with lubricants and oestrogen therapy, women can have sex with less discomfort and restore secretion and elasticity in the genital area, respectively.


Few Tips To Stay Healthy Post Menopause

  •  Avoid smoking since it can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.
  •  Discuss with a healthcare professional prior to commencing hormone replacement therapy.
  •  Maintain a healthy diet by including vegetables and fruits, especially a low-sugar diet.
  •  Regular exercise can benefit postmenstrual women effectively.
  •  With a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight to avoid obesity.
  •  Consider medication or lifestyle changes to control high blood pressure.
  •  Routine exercise or other relaxation methods help in reducing stress.

Now, with the commencement of menopause, it is not always easy for women to be active and motivated enough to achieve the above-mentioned goals. Hence, instead of killing your motivation by selecting a difficult target, consider setting a realistic, achievable goal that you can actually follow. Frequently updating your goals can also motivate you to achieve more. You may as well look for a partner who can be your friend, your better half or your peer at the counselling sessions who can team up with you. Also, refrain from limiting exercise to the gyms and improve your health through varied other activities, such as gardening or dancing.


Experience Menopause with A Smile

“When I was 40, all I could see was a terrible brick wall ahead, with the dreadful word ‘MENOPAUSE’. “

Menopause can be scary at times, but for some women, life after menopause is better than ever before. Some women also find themselves more attractive compared to the times before their menopause. Women may feel that their youth and active lifestyle will die with menopause in effect. But, Dr Kavita Maravar mentions that no stage in a woman’s life should lack the healthy lifestyle one deserves, whether it’s post-pregnancy or menopause.

Usually, the menopause age commences post 50. While this stage can be too overwhelming for most women, Dr. Kavita Maravar, with her empathetic and professional approach, supports and empowers in-menstrual women towards a healthy and youthful lifestyle using evidence-based medicine and research.

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